Jen Martín

    Costume Design

    Los Angeles, The World




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    Todo sobre ella:

    Jen Martín was born and raised in Southeast Los Angeles.  At the age of 12, while watching the technicolor classic Auntie Mame (1958), Jen realized the limitless stories that can be told through costume design.  Jen's endless curiosity has lead to immersion in music subcultures, art history, Almodovar films, and traveled to Europe, Asia, and extensively throughout Latin America.  All of these experiences have fed into her unique worldview and eclectic style.

    While studying sewing and garment construction in college, Jen successfully began her own online vintage clothing shop. She has shared her ability to date any garment at a glance through her work as a 705 Union Costumer on period films including Carol, Dunkirk, Vice, Marshall, Hairspray Live and Lovecraft Country. Some of Jen’s own contemporary Local 892 Costume Design projects include those for Netflix, HBO, BET, Dazed Digital and Nowness, with several going on to showcase at Cannes and Sundance Film Festival.


    Jen's work is deeply rooted in the importance of creating visual connection, so that viewers can identify with characters on screen.  When approaching new projects, Ms. Martín is driven by her love of community, and often invites local artisans into her process.